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[Having more than enough of the insanity that brews at home, Elfaria sought for solitude within the park nearby. She fled from home during the early evening hours looking less like her regal self and more like a nervous wreck. The former Fairy Queen definitely looked as if she seen better times.

T’was truly difficult for her to come to terms with her plight now, considering she was no longer the person she once was. Now donning the appearance of a frail human woman, Elfaria honestly felt repulsed every time she gazed at her reflection. She missed the ethereal glow she once possessed, and the beautifully colored blue and purple wings that used to glow as brightly as the night.

In short, Elfaria was miserable in this feeble form and with good reason]

I can’t stand it…

[A soft sigh escaped from her as she walked deeper into the park.]

I much rather be dead than have to live within this body a day longer. Was it not enough that my life was forfeit?

[Spotting a picnic bench nearby, Elfaria strolled over to it. She needed to rest.]

How long must I stay here?

(ooc: action only, please. she didn't take that phone device thing with her.)
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[It was approximately eleven o'clock in the morning once the Fairy Queen awoke. Her limbs felt stiff, almost as if she left to die upon the icy ledges of Horn Mountain. Slowly rising from the bed, Elfaria stopped once she became aware of the odd white and green dress she's wearing.]

What is this? This dress...tis not mine!

[Elfaria fussed for a moment before easing herself off the bed.]

How odd. I never thought oblivion would possess an appearance at all.

[Glancing throughout the room in search for answers, the queen gasped once she saw someone within the bed.]

W-what?! Who...?

[She dashes out of the room and down the stairs quickly.]

This is ludicrous, where am I? This is neither Ringford nor the heavens. Have I been whisked away from my fate, but is so what current guides me here?

[Spotting the door nearby, Elfaria opens it to see a new and unusual world before her; a world unlike her realm of magic and flowers.]

Have I been...resurrected?


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