ringford: (the passing of fimbulvetr)
2010-07-23 03:02 pm

Prelude, Act Two [action]

[Having more than enough of the insanity that brews at home, Elfaria sought for solitude within the park nearby. She fled from home during the early evening hours looking less like her regal self and more like a nervous wreck. The former Fairy Queen definitely looked as if she seen better times.

T’was truly difficult for her to come to terms with her plight now, considering she was no longer the person she once was. Now donning the appearance of a frail human woman, Elfaria honestly felt repulsed every time she gazed at her reflection. She missed the ethereal glow she once possessed, and the beautifully colored blue and purple wings that used to glow as brightly as the night.

In short, Elfaria was miserable in this feeble form and with good reason]

I can’t stand it…

[A soft sigh escaped from her as she walked deeper into the park.]

I much rather be dead than have to live within this body a day longer. Was it not enough that my life was forfeit?

[Spotting a picnic bench nearby, Elfaria strolled over to it. She needed to rest.]

How long must I stay here?

(ooc: action only, please. she didn't take that phone device thing with her.)