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Name:Queen Elfaria
Birthdate:Oct 27
Website:the mun
After the end of the first wars waged for the Crystallization Cauldron, the Vanir forces found themselves within a gruesome deadlock against the Aesir of the north. Led by Queen Elfaria during the first part of this deadly war, the Fairy Queen of Ringford sought for power to defeat the Demon Lord, Odin of Ragnanival. Relying upon her trusted adviser, Melvin, to come up with arms in order to seize their victory, the dwarves captured during Valentine’s fall were ordered to use their craft to create two powerful psyphers. The red-jeweled weapons were crystals forged from the Crystallization Cauldron, weapons of pure destruction unlike the natural blue gems that hail from the depths of the Netherworld.
With the both the Cauldron and the ring, Titrel, within Queen Elfaria’s possession; the fairies claimed dominion over the Cauldron in hopes of preventing the Aesir from claiming it. The fairies feared the destruction of their kingdom because of how the Cauldron operates. If activated, the Crystallization Cauldron devours all of the phozons (energy) that exists within their forests and because they are magical beings, this would mean certain death for the fairy race. Knowing that her people could not exist if Ringford was to fall, Queen Elfaria swore to thwart the Demon Lord at all costs. Unfortunately, for her it would be at the sake of her own life.

She gave her trusted bow, the Tasla, to Mercedes for safekeeping during the war only to be killed because she was unarmed upon the battlefield. In her dying wish, she told the princess to continue where she left off. She knew the burden of this gruesome war was too much for a child to endure, but Elfaria retained her faith in Mercedes until her final moments.

Finally succumbing to her wounds, this awful winter finally ended with Elfaria…
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