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If you have any concern regarding my portrayal of Queen Elfaria from Odin Sphere, please list them here. Anonymity is allowed, and every comment will be screened for my eyes only.

Character Name: Queen Elfaria
Character Series: Odin Sphere
Character Age: Unknown, but it is assumed she’s in her early thirties or so.

Background: After the end of the first wars waged for the Crystallization Cauldron, the Vanir forces found themselves within a gruesome deadlock against the Aesir of the north. Led by Queen Elfaria during the first part of this deadly war, the Fairy Queen of Ringford sought for power to defeat the Demon Lord, Odin of Ragnanival. Relying upon her trusted adviser, Melvin, to come up with arms in order to seize their victory, the dwarves captured during Valentine’s fall were ordered to use their craft to create two powerful psyphers. The red-jeweled weapons were crystals forged from the Crystallization Cauldron, weapons of pure destruction unlike the natural blue gems that hail from the depths of the Netherworld.

With the both the Cauldron and the ring, Titrel, within Queen Elfaria’s possession; the fairies claimed dominion over the Cauldron in hopes of preventing the Aesir from claiming it. The fairies feared the destruction of their kingdom because of how the Cauldron operates. If activated, the Crystallization Cauldron devours all of the phozons (energy) that exists within their forests and because they are magical beings, this would mean certain death for the fairy race. Knowing that her people could not exist if Ringford was to fall, Queen Elfaria swore to thwart the Demon Lord at all costs. Unfortunately, for her it would be at the sake of her own life.

She gave her trusted bow, the Tasla, to Mercedes for safekeeping during the war only to be killed because she was unarmed upon the battlefield. In her dying wish, she told the princess to continue where she left off. She knew the burden of this gruesome war was too much for a child to endure, but Elfaria retained her faith in Mercedes until her final moments.

Finally succumbing to her wounds, this awful winter finally ended with Elfaria…

Personality: Depicted as a caring and valiant queen, Elfaria’s regal nature is personified through all her attentions. Unlike Demon Lord Odin of Ragnanival, the queen isn’t interested in the Crystallization Cauldron for the sake of furthering her power over the lands of Erion. In truth, she only shows interest in the Cauldron for the destruction it would bring for her people if it were ever activated. Elfaria is a kind soul, one who values her kingdom of Ringford just as much as she values her young daughter, Mercedes. She’s a wise queen, but she shows a slight naivety on her part once her nephew introduces immoral ways for Ringford to win the war against Ragnanival. While Elfaria was quite hesitant to accept a majority of Melvin’s plans, the dire situation Ringford is in required her to accept them. Although, she was quick to voice her disapproval on the idea of creating more Belderivers in fear of the curse that may haunt their homeland.

Unlike her daughter Mercedes, Queen Elfaria isn’t quick to anger. She maintains a calm and composed demeanor even when faced by the Demon Lord himself. She holds nothing but contempt for violence, but does act when her people are threatened. Elfaria is an authority figure that was willing to cast judgment on those who used nefarious means to achieve their goals. Even in the moment of her death, Elfaria stood before Odin as a willing opponent to stop his destructive ways. She is a courageous and strong-willed woman despite the hopelessness of her plight.

However, her greatest flaw is in her poor judgment of character. She believed Melvin to be one of her many loyal subjects, but in reality he was a just a traitor in disguise. His fiendish methods did seem to worry Elfaria, but she did trust him fully in his decision. In addition, the queen is sometimes a bit of a worrier when it comes down to her daughter and others she care for. She firmly does believe in her young daughter’s ability to become a good queen, but Elfaria did express some worry regarding Mercedes flippant attitude. Elfaria sometimes frets, she’s a mother; she has to fret.

Abilities: It’s hinted that Elfaria possesses skill with the red gem crossbow, the Tasla. She gives this bow to Mercedes for her daughter to hone her skills while she’s away in battle. However, this move is what possibly heralds her demise for when Odin attacked the Vanir Headquarters; Elfaria was unarmed and unable to defend herself. Besides her skills with the Tasla, like all female fairies Elfaria can fly.